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Tru Kleen provides top quality commercial and residential cleaning services to New Jersey area. We service restaurants, deli's, kitchens and more.

Hood Cleaning

Keep your kitchen fully operational with the best hood cleaning service in New Jersey. We will remove all grease and grime from your kitchen's equipment with expert precision. 

Power Washing & Steam Cleaning

Our high pressure power-washing and steam cleaning equipment Will blast away unwanted dirt and debris from even the toughest of places. Make your kitchen sparkle and shine.

Exhaust Cleaning

A complete restaurant hood cleaning will always include your exhaust. Prioritize safety and make sure you are up to code. We can even change your fan belt if necessary.

Available 24/7

We are available for all of your commercial kitchen cleaning needs around the clock. Conveniently schedule a hood cleaning service and more whenever works best for you.

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